Saturday, October 9, 2010

AccuQuilt Go! Cutter WINNER!

The winner out of the Random Number Generator is . . .

#585 . . . DEB! Yay Deb!

If you're feeling like you want an Accuquilt die cutter but the original is out of your budget, check out AccuQuilt's brand spankin' new Baby Fabric Cutter. The Baby cutter is smaller but uses most of the same dies and costs a lot less. 
Maybe "Santa" could help you out. ;) Ask my 6-year-old - he wants an electron microscope for Christmas this year (the kind that are used at the likes of Ivy League research centers). When I said, "Uh, those cost millions of dollars" he replied, "It's okay, I'll just ask Santa." I don't always like the concept of Santa Claus.  But maybe he's more generous with fabric die-cut machines.


  1. Here's hoping Santa has a bagful of GO! Cutters this year... Congratulations, Deb!!! Lucky girl!!

  2. Ah, the unshakable faith in Santa! It brings back such memories. :)

  3. Awe, congrats to the winner!

  4. I'm SOOOOO excited! I woke my hubby up at 7am to tell him...he said good job and rolled over and went back to sleep. My daughter was much more supportive and understanding! (I don't think my hubby truly appreciates the Christmas present bullet he has dodged...)

  5. Too bad I missed out on entering this fantastic giveaway. I'll bet the Accuquilt cuts felt like butter! Thanks also for stopping by my blog :)