Monday, September 27, 2010

Accuquilt Go! Cutter Review

A short while ago I was contacted by Accuquilt to see if I would be interested in reviewing their Go! Fabric Cutter. (I may have squealed, and I am not a squealy type of person. Maybe more of squeak maybe.) 

When the Go! cutter arrived I was surprised by how sturdy it is. Sits solidly on my table -doesn't move around while you're working with it. It takes a little bit of muscle to rotate the dies though the cutter - esp if you are using multiple layers of fabric - but my kids could do it, so I think anyone can.
My favorite part is that it quickly and accurately cuts shapes that would be much more difficult to cut with just a ruler and rotary cutter.  I've been wanting to make pennant banners for a long time now (like years) but the thing that has held me back was the just figuring out how to do it with my ruler and mat. (I know. I'm so lazy.) The isosceles cutting die removed all excuses and within half an hour I whipped out enough triangles for a cute nursery banner.
One of my concerns about using a fabric die cut device was the fabric waste. ( I have a fabric-scrap guilt complex.) Using this particular die I had very little waste and efficiently and quickly cut 15 accurate isosceles triangles from one 6 ½” (x width of fabric) strip.
Another die I was eager to try was the 4" finished half square triangle die. I love half square triangles and the myriad of projects you can do with them, but I don't always love the process of making them. (Remember I'm lazy.) By layering my printed fabric, alternating with a piece of solid white (6 layers total), I could cut enough fabric for 24 half square triangle blocks in one trip though the Go! cutter.
By alternating the layers of fabric, the solid and the prints are already paired up and ready to start chaining through my sewing machine. And the best part: all the little triangle ends are pre-clipped by the shape of the die.
 I'm also thrilled with the circle die and have many more plans for this one. 

My overall first impression with the Accuquilt Go! Cutter is that it is a sturdy, well made device. The dies cut accurately and efficiently.  I'm curious to see what the long time wear is on the die blades because I feel like with that kind of an investment I would want them to hold out for years worth of projects.  

I absolutely love the circle die and can't wait to do many more projects with it. No matter how hard I try I can never cut a perfect circle with a pair of scissors. This is a great solution to that dilemma.  I don't know that I would use the squares or strips dies because I feel like I could cut those just as efficiently, with less waste, with my ruler and rotary cutter. (And because I am a cutting nerd and actually like that part of the quilting process.) But with other more challenging shapes like the circles or other applique pieces, the Go! Cutter would be much more effective, accurate and efficient.
And being a guardian of small, innocent children - who have been known to try and get their hands on my rotary cutter - I love the safety aspect of the Go! Cutter. (Even for 4-year-old boys wearing no protective clothing.)  My kids all loved taking turns trying the the cutter themselves.  I liked that aspect too - usually my quilting hobby is something I try to squeeze in when they're doing when they're doing other things. This was the first time I could actually let them help with the process.

You can find out more about the Accuquilt Go! Cutter here. And, as you may have guessed I will have one to give away to a lucky reader here! Stay tuned!